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In our earnest commitment to achieve the symbolized goal in our motto “MODREN EDUCATION WITH MORAL VALUES ENGLISH MEDIUM WITH INDIAN CULTURE” , and to move ahead intellectually and morally we are greatly motivated and inspired by “JAIN ACHARYAS”.
It is the result of the efforts of such visionaries that a chain of educational institutions exist throughout the country. We believe that school is a place where children grow not just in size but in curiosity , resilience , confidence , enthusiasm , patience and understanding. We work in close collaboration with the parents and the community in our pursuit of excellence in all areas of our work with a deep sense of responsibility.
Our main concern is that the personal development of student takes place in educational environment which reinforces the traditional value of our society. We would like to emphasize that it is our mission to train students and prepare them to be successful in any sphere of life . We pride our self on being a listening school , where respect each other is paramount . It’s our dream project to make it a Senior Secondary School in near future .