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A nation’s success, growth and prosperity are greatly depending on the generation studying in school. It won’t be wrong to say that a school is a place, where a nation takes shape to conquer new possibilities and all prosperity  It is a place where students learn to bring discipline in them in order to grow, learn and thrive. Spirit of opulence shows no hesitation to knock the doors of a nation, which is founded on the entire true gist of discipline, ethics, hard work and integrity.
School is something where students learn all that they need to become well civilized and honed in their country. Thus, the need of a school is signified. Parents often look for a well established institute for their children. They look for the one that satisfy all the educational needs and other curricular activities for their child. A dream of Dr. Bimal Jain and founded in 1990 by S.A.N. Sabha, S.A.V. Jain Day Boarding School is one such institute, which is greatly motivated and inspired by “JAIN ACHARAYAS”.
Former president Mr. Rajneesh Jain and former secretary Mr. Tarsem Jain took charge of it to bring new heights in development of the school. The school is one of a kind in Hoshiarpur and is touching new heights of success under the great supervision of Mr. Yash Pal Jain President SAN Jain Sabha(Regd) Hoshiarpur The entire credit for massive enhancement in both ambiance and infrastructure goes to Ajit Jain President Jain Shiksan Nidhi. He has not only incorporated the element of hard work and unity among the whole management, but in fact, actually acted as a source of inspiration.
We believe in all the teachings of JAIN ACHARAYAS to bring peace, prosperity and wisdom to the nation. The overall personality development is our main motto. With advanced infrastructure, the learning and teaching for both students and teachers will be quite interesting and fun enriched.