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Empowering Girls through Education:
The School believes that educating the girl child is educating the nation. If girls are given a chance to education, they make good leaders who are more development oriented. The school provides free education to a girl child who doesn’t have any sibling in the family from 1st to 8th std.
Free Education for Thalassemic Child: 
Thalassemic children have the same aspiration as other children have. All they want to do is play with their friends, go to school and dream to be something big when they grow up. But usually they are surrounded by needles when other children are surrounded by books and toys. To share the burden of parents of Thalassemic children our school has taken a step forward to help them in education of such children. It is the first school in Punjab to provide facilities of free education from 1st onward to a Thalassemic child.