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Pure Drinking Water : Water Coolers are equipped with filters. Filtered water is supplied on each floor. Students enjoy cold water in summer. Facility of submersible pump is also available. Tube well with deep bore has been dug to solve the water problem in the school.
Generator: To Solve the power cut problems the super silent generator has been installed. It has the capacity to supply electricity to the whole school at the same time. Students do not have to suffer due to power cut. And all the school activities are done well in time.
Conveyance Arrangements : The School has its Conveyance arrangements to transports students Luxury buses and vans are used for these purpose. Qualified, Skilled and experienced drivers. Conductors and attendents has been engaged for this purpose. Children are picked and dropped at various stops fixed by school authorities.
Development of Creative Skills In Students : -
Art and craft: Our school introduces young minds to the wondrous realms of crafts by various techniques with different mediums and materials like clay, glass, paper, fabrics, wool, grains and items of daily use.
Drawing and painting: drawing and painting is very interesting and creative subject to keep the children enthusiastic and active in subjective activity. Various drawing competitions are held in the school to explore the aesthetic sense and creativity of the students.
Music: Students participation in music activities has a positive effect in everything from academic achievement to self discipline. In our school , children learn to play instruments like Harmonium, Tabla, Sitar, Guitar, Drum Sets, Dholak etc. Here Students have the opportunity to perform activities related to Music.
Dance: Students Learn Various forms of dance under Expert Guidance. They are Given special training to participate in various dance competitions held at district and state level. Dancing also helps in relaxing. It takes students away from their anxiety and frustration for a while. As the Students relax their mind, their tension melts away.
Yoga: Special Yoga Classes are arranged regularly in our school. Yoga helps to maintain balance between action and intelligence. To achieve this balance, exercise, breathing exercise and meditation is learnt with discipline.
Hand Writing Skills : Good Handwriting is very important for students as its shows the inner personality of a person. That’s why, Handwriting competitions are held at regular intervals. Students are guided to write neatly and in correct formation at very tender age.