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Acharya Shri Vijay Vallabh Suri ji

Acharya shri Vijay Vallabh Suri Ji was born in the year 1870 in Vadodara, Gujarat. He was a great jain and also known well as Punjab kesari. He was a great follower of jain Acharyashri Atmaram ji and spread his teachings across. He desired and wished to serve the sick people under the commandment or instruction of Jainism. He served for the people who were sick and poor and was always spreading humanity among the common people irrespective of their gender.

He vigorously participated and established in the establishment of hospitals, schools, and educational centers etc which are well established institutes/centers now. His core works was in Punjab where he actively worked to set up such institutes under the precepts of Jainism.

He had also travelled across the country to spread his noble cause and fund for the same. Many rich people had come forward to help him for his dignified causes and many educational institutes and hospitals were established.

He is famous for his work as a provider for the deprived and also as a spiritual leader. Many follow his spirituality as well as his leadership in the present age. He had not only making his presence through his spiritual leads but also with his numerous splendid work that he has done for the people who were in the need of a philanthropist. He is learned to be one of the uppermost priest of the jainas in India and devoted his whole life for the ancient faith.

Acharya Vijayanadsuri was followed by Acharya Vijay Vallabh Suri as the head of the Tapa Gachchha who had inspired building of many Jain education institutions nationally. There are many such leaders who have followed him and taken his path forward.

India Posts have issued a postage stamp of Acharya Shri Vijay Vallabh Suri on 21st Feb. 2009.

Acharya Vijay Vallabh Suri is always remembered and admired for his outstanding contributions in the field of education, humanitarian reforms and religious tolerance. He was also among one of the first supporters of Gandhi’s non-violent campaigns conducted for the independence of India from the British rule. There is an auditorium which symbolizes him with a height of eighty-four feet which is one foot for each of Acharya’s life spent in teaching jaina and spirituality.

There is a temple in Delhi which is dedicated to Vasupujya, the 12th Tirthankara, in memory of the late Acharya Vijay Vallabh Suri. Today nearly 60% of monks and nuns are disciple followers of Atmaramji Maharaja who was followed by Acharya Vijay Vallabh Suriji and had actively spread his teachings.

Acharya Shreemad Vijay Vallabh Surishwarji’s Maharajsaheb’s  soul left his body on dated 22nd September 1954 in  Mumbai.

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